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animeaddme_18's Journal

For Anime Fans Ages 18+
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A place to look for anime friends 18+
Tired of all these kids squealing about anime? (not that there is anything wrong with them mind you) Want a more mature conversation about your anime fandom? Or to find friends to talk about more mature anime (yaoi, yuri, hentai) without worry about underage kids? Then this is the place for you to share your interests to look for those type of friends here on LiveJournal!

Advertise your interest in finding some LJ buddies who are into anime that are aged 18+

Please note, this is NOT a hentai add me community, just a community looking for friends who are into ANY anime/manga but are ages 18+. This community has moderated membership until age can be verified.

Tell a friend about this community!



1. This community is ONLY for looking for LJ friends 18+ who are into anime (manga can be included too). No advertising your communities (that can be including in your regular post though), posting quizzes or memes, graphic or layout requests.

2. No cussing, l33t speak, flame wars, spamming or any thing that falls along those lines or you will be banned.

3. Your birthday must be listed in your userinfo, because this is an 18+ community adult content may be posted at times so to be accepted into the community you must be at least 18. YOU MUST LIST AT LEAST YOUR BIRTH YEAR IN YOUR USERINFO UNTIL YOU ARE APPROVED/DISAPPROVED FOR MEMBERSHIP. You can remove it after you've been approved/denied. If you get rejected it's almost certain because you didn't follow this rule.

4. Any posts that contain adult content must be friends locked.

Any posts not following those guidelines will be deleted.


If you are not over 18 or want a more general audience for a anime friend check out animeaddme

Looking for yaoi fans check out yaoi_add_me

Looking for yuri fans check out yuri_add_me sorry seems community died, anybody suggest another one?


To help get you started here is a rough format you can use to post with:

Mandatory -


Optional -

Type of friend looking for: (as in fellow anime/manga fan, fanfiction writing fan, etc)


Current Anime/Manga:

Favorite Anime/Manga:

And of course anything else you can think of that will relate to your post.


Interested in helping out (layout, icons, moderate, link exchange, suggestions)? Drop me a message.

Last Update: Tuesday February 14, 2012